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All Saints Church Tower being inspected All Saints Tower being inspected. Masonry damage around guttering Masonry damage around guttering. Surface of Tower stonework crumbling. Surface of Tower stonework crumbling.

Fundraising - An Eternal Issue!

Just about every Church community has to constantly think about raising funds in order to support their Church activities. At All Saints, Edmonton we are privileged to worship in an historic church where many people down the ages have also worshipped. It can be quite humbling to reflect on the many tens of thousands of people who have worshipped here but we also have the added job of ensuring that our Church continues to be a place of worship for those that come after us.
In particular, in July 2010, following a regular buildings inspection, serious problems were found in the Tower on the western end of the Church that has caused our Church to be put on the 'At Risk' register. So, not only do we have the usual fundraising job to support the day to day activities of our Church, we are also embarking on a massive fundraising challenge of raising £1/2 million to restore our beautiful Church.

We will use this page of our website to keep you informed of all of our fundraising initiatives. Many of them, detailed below, enable us to raise some funds without you actually donating any money directly. So, if you want to help us in our efforts, please be aware of the following:

Shopping With Amazon

On some of our pages, including this one, you will see the Amazon advertising link. Shopping with Amazon is an increasingly popular way of buying books, CDs and all sorts of other things. If you clink on this link on our website and subsequently make a purchase with Amazon, we receive a commission that can be as much as 5 percent of the amount you spend. So, we receive something without any cost to yourself.

On-Line Shopping Via

The EasyFundraising Website is another website where we receive a commission for online purchases you make. Again, this is totally FREE for you. You need to sign-up with them and choose our Church as the charity you wish to benefit from your on-line shopping. The link above takes you straight to the information for our church and all you then need to do is supply your personal details to register. You then have to remember to go to the EasyFundraising site first and use the links in their site to find the on-line shop you want to purchase from. You then purchase from the retailer in the normal way and EasyFundraising gives us a cashback donation.
One point to note, you can link through from EasyFundraising and make purchases with Amazon but we don't get as much as a donation this way. For Amazon, please always use the link on our pages.

Money For Empty Printer Cartridges

We can get cash for some of your used printer cartridges thanks to a company called Cash For Cartridges. Collect your used cartridges and put them into the recycling box you will find in the library corner in Church and we will check they are the correct sort and send them off. You could also collect used cartridges from your place of work, although please check with your employer first that this is OK as many companies already have recycling in place. Alternatively, you could send them off to the Freepost address below. However, in this case PLEASE check the Cash For cartridges website on the 'Our Prices' page to make sure the cartridge is one that they want. The address is:
Cash For Cartridges
Account Reference No: R9906
13 Main Street,
NG12 5AA

Planned Regular Giving

If you regularly attend our Church, if you complete a Gift Aid form, any donations you make will be topped up by the Tax Man at no cost to yourself. In addition, if you give regularly, please consider doing so via a Bank Transfer as this reduces our administration and need to handle cash each week. If you are interested in either of these options, please speak to Father Stuart.