Genealogy and All Saints Church, Edmonton, North London

Memorial to Charles Lamb and William Cowper

Family History research has gained enormous popularity in recent years and, as the ancient parish church of the Edmonton area, there are Parish records for All Saints church going back to 1557. However, unfortunately, our Parish doesn't have the resources to deal with any Family History enquiries. Nevertheless, we hope the following information may be of assistance if you are researching ancestors from the Edmonton area.

Parish Records Prior To the Start of Civil Registration in 1837

Microfilm copies of the Parish Registers for All Saints are held at the London Metropolitan Archives at 40 Northampton Road, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 0HB.

Memorial Inscriptions

Memorial inscriptions are a useful source of additional genealogical information. Sadly, over the years, the inscriptions gradually erode so many in the graveyard around the church are difficult to read. Unfortunately, the church does not have details of these inscriptions. However, many years ago, a project was undertaken to record all the inscriptions and the details can be purchased from the Family History Society known as the London, Westminster and Middlesex Family History Society.

Memorial Inscriptions Within The Church

There are a number of memorials within the church of which the one to Charles Lamb and William Cowper is just one (or should that be two?). Because we know there is a great interest in these, we will be endeavouring to add details to this website over time. So, watch this space!